In 2007-2008 I dated, worked, and lived with Margie Grace Navarro (b. Marjorie Stieren)* who was physically and emotionally abusive towards me. Neither of those behaviors stopped when the relationship did and persist to this day. I myself was not without fault. During our relationship I did say things to her that were not right to say and that I regret and am sorry for. I broke off relations with her in 2008 and have not initiated any contact since then.

One of the primary ways she continues to harass me is through a website she maintains that claims that I am a abuser of multiple women. My initial response to her accusations can be read here. She has also anonymously written statements (with others) alleging that I am a police informant, or snitch and has spread rumors that I have a history of abusing animals (she bases this on the fact that in the Spring of 2007 I did euthanize some rats in my home that ingested poison left on the property by the city.) She has won supporters to her side who are very rightly against such things. As a result I have been assaulted numerous times (sometimes even by her or while she is present) and hospitalized. In March 2011 my home was burned down after three previous unsuccessful attempts.

Prior to that in the fall of 2009 I made an attempt with the support of others in my community to bring about a resolution to this through a circle process. Despite 12 hours of meetings involving a dozen individuals that effort was abandoned when David "Dave Solidarity" Segal one of the circle participants and an intimate friend of my ex's along with another person Andrew Flowers a person with a history of violence and an FBI informant, attempted to violently evict me from my home, while I was recovering from surgery due to cancer.

Margie's website says "associated with the In Our Hearts network (now defunct), the ‘Brooklyn Free Store’ at his former residence (destroyed by fire in 2011), and ‘Grub’ dinners at ‘The Awesome Bed & Breakfast’ (136 Lawrence St., Brooklyn) and has repeatedly returned to Occupy Wall Street despite being asked to leave on a number of occasions.* When he DJs (commonly at Times up! events), he uses the name Suggested D."

The site uses language that is far from neutral or objective in what reads as a blatant attempt to paint me as a disruptive anti-social pariah. Evidence to support this is either lacking or presented anonymously. Quotes are incorrectly attributed to me. My history of activism and doing positive things in my communities is either omitted or obscured by saying just that I am "associated" such community groups or projects, but also that I have been "asked to leave on a number of occasions." This is not true. I have been told to leave (all activist related activities and NYC in general) by Margie and her friends, not people who are part of my community or projects I am involved in. When looking at her site, it is important to do so with a critical eye and to consider her actions, and those of her friends which show more what she is about than the words she will not even put her name to.

*Since starting this website I have been informed that Margie has changed her name to Odette.