Allegations of "Snitching" Timeline

10/05 - According to an email sent to dozens by David "Dave Solidarity" Segal "At some point a disgruntled former member of IOH (_____________) broke into the space and stole a bunch of the books, which he then claimed were his. At this point, Thadeus called the cops and filed a police report, claiming it was for 'insurance purposes' or something to that effect." I never called the police or talked to police about this, nor did I advocate doing so. Dave who perpetuates this and other stories was not in living NYC at the time or involved with the project. This fact was mentioned by someone who was heavily involved in the project who refuted Dave's clam. Dave then said "Is it possible that I'm wrong? I guess it's possible, but i think very unlikely." The truth is, he is wrong. Since it was known who broke into the Free Store, wouldn't the police have made an arrest, had someone actually called them? If there was a police report then Dave etc. could produce it. Also we never had insurance for the Free Store.

late 2005 - Someone unknown broke into a building I was squatting in BedStuy, and stole a laptop computer that belonged to one of the residents. Dave Segal has claimed that I wanted to call the police. Unless I made a joke that was misunderstood then this is a ridiculous and utter fabrication. Squatters don't have the privilege of being able to call the police, were they to even want to. The police aren't there to protect us.

Summer 2007 - My home were robbed at gun point. My roommates, our guests and I were tied up and blindfolded. The women present were taken into the a separate room and suffered further abuse. After those who had perpetrated this violation had gone, and we were able to free ourselves one of the women wanted to call the police. I told her that I supported her decision to do so. A few weeks later police came to my door and said that they caught the guys and wanted me to look at a lineup and try to identify them. I told them that I would not go. They told me that if I didn't they would arrest me on an old warrant (a good reason to make sure you deal with outstanding warrants.) I looked at their lineup and did not identify anyone.

3/09 - Alex Asch (A.K.A. Sascha) who was a subletter at the John Bosch house. As the agreed upon term of his stay neared an end, he informed the house that if there was any effort to remove him from the house that he would pursue legal action. He claimed had consulted with a lawyer, set up a surveillance camera in his room and was legally protected and would call the police if anyone entered his room to remove him.

According to my housemate Dyan 'Glass' Neary, Adam Sacks and Sascha planned to provoke me into fighting Sascha or trying to evict him illegally so that they could then call the police and have me arrested, and then get a restraining order against me. Over the course of the next nine months Sascha taunted and challenged me to hit him on numerous occasions during at least one such incident Adam and another person were present and were video taping. On one occasion he threw a large rock at my door and more than once entered my room while in a rage.

This ceased to be an issue at the end of August when residents of the two houses agreed to function autonomously in the future. That agreement was violated two months later when on 11/11/09 Adam and his friend "Spanky" were caught rummaging through my bedroom by flashlight, while I was in the hospital recovering from surgery related to cancer. The following night they returned with more people and attempted to move someone new into the garage without any notice or consent of the current residents. This was unsuccessful and all five residents of the house opposed this.

12/7/09 - After hearing for the past week from 1/2 a dozen people or so that Sascha has been asking if I would ever call the police I send Adam a message telling him that I want everything to be cool as I may be starting chemo therapy treatment soon and so I don't want to deal with any drama (I am thinking Sascha may be planning to jump me and wants to know if he can get away with it.) Adam does not respond.

12/10/09 At approximately 11pm I come home to find Dave Segal, Andrew Flowers (a person with a history of connections to violent neo-Nazi groups and working as an FBI informant), Adam Sacks and Evan Potts moving things into David Van Dam's room. The lock is in pieces on the floor and a new lock is on the door. A number of the house plants have been ripped up and thrown out the window, others were found outside on the stoop of Adam's house or in the cold windowless garage. I inform them that David is coming back and that this is his room. I ask them to leave. I tell Adam that this is not an anarchist way to operate and he says he doesn't care because he isn't an anarchist anymore he is a "terrorist" and just wants to destroy everything. I attempt to remove Evan's stuff from the room and I am grabbed from behind. I call a number of friends who say that they don't want to get involved in a roommate dispute, or who simply aren't available. Some suggest that since this is an illegal eviction and thus civil matter and that the appropriate thing for me to do is to call the police. I then tell those unwelcome in my home that I will call the police, if they refuse to leave. They all opt to stay and wait for the police. The police inform us that unless the person whose room it is (David) is here then they can't do anything because Adam is on the lease, as am I.

12/11/09 - The power goes out and as I investigate the cause Evan and a friend are in David's room talking about cutting off my fingers and providing information about me to the FBI.

12/16/09 - The front door lock is broken and has not been functioning properly. A locksmith fixes it so it will no longer malfunction, lock people in or out, and be difficult to turn.

A friend / relative of Adam's approaches me as I am talking to the locksmith & asks if I am trying to lock Evan out. I say no, that I am not locking anyone out and that the same key that worked before will still work but that I am not locking the door in any case. He tells me that Adam has told him all about me and that he is going to kill me. He leaves and returns with a hammer and Spanky. He threatens to kill me and slams the hammer into the door repeatedly breaking off the doorknob on the inside. Feeling threatened, I called the police. Soon after he runs off and drives away. When the police arrive they say they don't know who broke the door knob and the lock and that there is nothing they can do but do allow me to remove some of my possessions from the room that Evan had occupied. I do not tell them the name or offer a description of the person who broke off the door knob.

1/5/10 - David returns home with a friend who we agreed could stay in the newly empty room until the 7th when Jonah moves back in and takes it. As far as we know the other room is empty. Upon entering the room we found it trashed with a number of things that were previously in common space including David's radio and books and furniture of mine. There was also a bike, some cash and random clothes that we did not disturb. Soon after a resident of the big house arrives with a friend and force the downstairs front door (as they never had keys to it) and come upstairs. The friend said that was his room now and that Adam Sacks said he "could have it." He said he was calling the cops and took out a cell phone and began dialing. I picked up a video camera I had hoping that it would discourage anyone from doing anything violent or stupid. They threatened us and told us to get the fuck out and that it wasn't our house anymore. Then one of them began beating me with a metal bar and Lou was also beaten. David ran away and called the police. My camera was smashed as was my finger which will now require surgery. My head and teeth were also hurt. Police came and arrested them. Later a locksmith came to again fix the door and Evan's things were moved out of the house (though not by me obviously since I only had one working hand).

Later that night David walked Lou to the train and came back to find people yelling at him and threatening him he left the property and the cops where called. Adam and others cut every padlock off all three roll gates to the house. Evan's things were moved back into the room David decided that he wanted out and didn't want to fight to live at the house anymore. Upon returning the police did nothing.

1/6/10 - Around 10pm after spending the entire day at the hospital I returned home to find my room cold and my power off. The upstairs of the house where the bathroom and kitchen are was locked off and the locks had been changed to the big house were the circuit breaker for the entire back house is located. The basement door was chained shut. Two friends of mine came to visit and after some time huddling in the cold by candlelight we called the police rather than break into my own home and have the police called on us. They informed Evan that this was not okay and that the power needed to be on and the upstairs unlocked and that if they came back they would make arrests. Evan turned the power back on.

Shortly after I was able to move to a new collective home with great, positive people.