*editorial note: the following statement was originally written on another site shortly after the arson that destroyed the Brooklyn Free Store in March 2011.

I have been participating in the very active In Our Hearts Collective since the summer of 2010. In Our Hearts is great, so was the Brooklyn Freestore, and it will be AGAIN whenever it is rebuilt! ****Also, I think Thadeaus is a cool dude who is respected by and respects the people I've seen him interacting with since I've known him which include his girlfriend, his roommates, and other people who have also organized with the Free Store and/or In Our Hearts, despite what the possibly/ or probably SLANDEROUS fundamentalist feminists have to say.

I'm going to DEFINE fundamentalist - A *USUALLY* religious movement or point of view characterized by a ***return*** to fundamental principles, by *RIGID* adherence to those principles, and often by *INTOLERANCE* of other views... what should be changed in this definition as it relates to the people who are perpetuating these possibly slanderous allegations against Thadeaus is "RETURN!" Support NY, Bitches Roll Deep Anarcha-feminist collective (which seems to be defunct, or maybe never even existed), Aftershock Action Alliance, New York Anarchist Black Cross, and the other groups or collectives who have signed on and proliferated these statements against Thadeaus, are RIGID, INTOLERANT, VIOLENT, ANTAGONISTIC, but they are not returning to any fundamentals of whatever I understand feminism to be or defending the rights of women or legitimate survivors. They seem to have some kind of agenda which I do not understand, but disturbs me because this AGENDA may dilute or even defile what really is considered a survivor and what is considered to be abuse in all forms covert, overt, physical, financial, sexual, etc. To paraphrase, this M. individual and her cohorts may be fucking it up for people who are actually and/or also LEGITIMATE SURVIVORS of ABUSE. Whoever is acting on behalf of Support NY, etc. have little or no credibility at this point, and that will soon become more and more apparent. For example, at the recent NYC Anarchist Book Fair, a man, male, gentleman, whatever you want to call it, D.S. or D--- S--------- attacked and verbally threatened a female individual who has also recently collaborated with In Our Hearts just because she is friends with Thadeaus and chooses to continue being friends with him by her own free will. So using violence and abuse against a woman to antagonize her for being friends with someone who is alleged to have used violence and abuse against a woman is OKAY by what logic?!?! NO CREDIBILITY! NO CREDIBILITY!!!

Dave S. I was at the book fair, I affiliate with In Our Hearts, I go to Grub here and there, I've been to many of the Free Store events, and I intend to start going to Bushwick Food Not Bombs on occasion. We haven't had the opportunity to meet. But I advise that if you want to continue going around slapping books out of people's hands, pushing and shoving people, verbally abusing and threatening people (esp. females), and POSSIBLY lighting random shit on fire, or possibly showing up at parties/events intimidating people with your crew slugging around baseball bats, you should become familiar with my face and the details of who I am. If any of these thuggish antics happen in my presence this whole thing is going to turn into some OTHER SHIT!
As the Jamaicans say "One Love" <3 :o)

p.s. also, how convinient that Thadeaus should also be considered a "snitch" as well.