Violence and harassment

2/2/08 I was working on cleaning my room in the John Bosch house that I was planning to move into while discussing the house with Marjorie Navarro. She said that the house was not up to her standards and she wanted to move out, and to have her money refunded. I told her that if she wanted that she would have to move out her things as well, and if she left them they would be gotten rid of. Upon telling her this she screamed and attacked me violently hitting, kicking and scratching me. I put my arms around her and held her trying to calm the situation, but as she continued to kick at me I maneuvered myself away from her and ran out of the the room. She later told a mutual friend that my threatening the security of her property that she planned to leave in my house was "verbal abuse" and she defended her self with physical force.

3/10/08 Margie and I were driving from Washington D.C., where we had recently met-up, to New York City where I was to catch a bus to Boston and see my dad who was in the hospital and was in danger of dying (he survived thankfully.) Things were very tense for much of the trip and Margie was very angry with me as there were less gas stations than she expected. At one point told her that I was stressed out and needed space and asked her not to talk to me for sometime. In response to this she pulled the little truck over on a thin strip of road and dirt by the highway in a place that felt very unsafe to me, especially since the vehicle we were in would shake each time a large truck drove past. I pleaded with her to continue driving but she very calmly told me no, at this point I felt like I had a breakdown. I slammed my hands against the dashboard and then Margie put her hands on me. I quickly got out of the car followed by Margie and retrieved my backpack from the rear of the truck In my stress and hurry, when I closed the glass side window to the truck cap it cracked and broke. Margie screamed and ran at me knocking me down. We got up and separated and shortly after the highway patrol stopped. They said they got calls from passing motorists about a fight and interviewed both of us separately before letting us go and telling us to move along. From NYC I continued onto Boston alone. I felt ashamed and very guilty for loosing my cool and damaging her truck. When I returned from Boston I replaced the broken glass with Plexiglas which was acceptable to Margie as the other panel had also been broken previously and replaced with Plexiglas.

1/16/09 A benefit I helped organize along with In Our Hearts and APOC (Anarchist People of Color) for Mapuche & Anarchist Political Prisoners of Chile was disrupted when Margie contacted one of the touring bands on the day of the show and convinced them to not play the event unless I was banned from the space where I lived. I offered to not go into the part of my house where the band in question was playing during their set, but made it clear that in any case I was not comfortable with Margie being in my home at any time or leaving my house during the event. I was unsure if this was going to be acceptable to them when one of the singers from the band (Monica) along with David "Dave Solidarity" Segal (who had against my wishes been intimate with Margie while she and I were living together) announced that I am a "serial abuser," and that that band would not play in protest. The event continued without them and the other band members. Dave specifically was told by both I and other housemates that he was no longer welcome at my house.

4/09 Since 2009 I have received threats in from associates of Margie in connection with my involvement in the NYC Anarchist Bookfair. In 2009 I received a vague but threatening phone call from a former partner of hers named Jimmy who used to live at the punk house Fort Whitey (named thus because it was populated by white people in a predominantly black area of Crown Heights) but since moved to Chicago. He warned me not to attend the bookfair or else I am not sure what but apparently something bad would likely befall me if he was to be trusted.

12/10/09 At approximately 11pm I come home to find Dave Segal, Andrew Flowers (a person with a history of connections to violent neo-Nazi groups and working as an FBI informant), Adam Sacks and Evan Potts moving things into David Van Dam's room. The lock was in pieces on the floor and a new lock is on the door. A number of the plants have been ripped up and thrown out the window, others were found outside on the stoop of the big house or in the cold windowless garage. I inform them that David is coming back and that this is his room. I ask them to leave. I tell Adam that this is not an anarchist way to operate and he says he doesn't care because he isn't an anarchist anymore he is a "terrorist" and just wants to destroy everything. I attempt to remove Evan's stuff from the room and I am grabbed from behind. I call a number of anarchists who say that they don't want to get involved in a roommate dispute. Some suggest that this is an illegal eviction and thus civil matter and that the appropriate thing for me to do is to call the police. I then tell those unwelcome in my home that I will call the police, and since they are no longer anarchists we can handle it the standard non-anarchist way. They all opt to stay and wait for the police. The police inform us that unless the person whose room it is (David) is here then they can't do anything because Adam is on the lease, as am I. The assault on my home was timed perfectly to disrupt a circle process to resolve this conflict between Margie and her friends and I. We had already met about 14 people in a series of meetings for about 12 hours and were planning to conclude with one more meeting in January, but the facilitators pulled out after at least two of Margie's supporters initiated the violence against me in my home further complicating the conflict that so much effort had gone into trying to resolve.

12/11/09 Early morning before dawn Adam, Alex Asch (Sascha,) Spanky, someone who used to be an anarchist from the West Coast and another person I don't know at all, come into the house through the garage rollgate. Sascha taunts and berates me for among other things having cancer and tells me repeatedly to hit him before they leave.

1/5/10 My housemate David returns home with a friend who we agreed could stay in the empty room until the 7th when Jonah moves back into it. As far as we know the other room is empty. Upon entering the room we found it trashed with a number of things that were previously in common space including David's radio and furniture of mine. There was also a bike, some cash and random clothes that we did not touch. Soon after Idris Robinson and Rodney forced the downstairs door open (they never had keys to it) and came upstairs. Rodney said that was his room now and that Adam Sacks said he could have it. He said he was calling the cops and took out a cell phone and did so. I got out a video camera, hoping that it would discourage anyone from doing anything violent or stupid. They threatened us and told us to get the fuck out and that it wasn't our house anymore. Then one of them began beating me with a metal bar. Lou was attacked by the other guy with a wooden stick. David ran away. My camera was smashed as was my finger (the bone was shattered and is not expected to ever fully heal.) My head and teeth were also hurt. Police came and arrested Rodney and Idris.

Later that night David walked an injured Lou to the train and came back to find a group of people yelling at him and threatening him. He left the property and called the police. Adam and others cut every padlock off all three roll gates to the house. Evan's things were moved back into the room David decided that he wanted out and didn't want to fight to live at the house anymore. Upon returning the police did nothing as David decided to no longer assert that he lived in the house and soon after left NYC for good.

4/24/10 I was invited to, and helped out with the Rude Mechanical Orchestra (RMO) Another World is Possible fundraiser party at the Brooklyn Lyceum. During the event a group of people I don't know where talking amongst themselves and pointing at me, while I was nearby with some friends sitting on some steps. One of them came over and asked me to leave and said that someone was uncomfortable with my presence. I asked if I was doing anything to make someone uncomfortable and why exactly they wanted me to leave; they responded by saying it was well established why I should leave. Rachael Myers who I was sitting with said that she would be uncomfortable if I did leave. Sometime later after it seemed that that situation was concluded I was upstairs where organizations like Time's Up! were tabling. I was standing with Bill and Stephen from that group when a very angry pair of individuals came up to me, pushed me and shouted at me that I need to leave because I am a snitch. Not immediately but as this continued I recognized them as Rachael and Jason (from Oklahoma.) Rachael referenced a violent assault that took place about a week prior in which another NYC anarchist organizer was badly beaten by a group of women who busted into his home with a baseball bat. She told me that I was going to receive similar treatment shortly. Neither of them had lived in NYC for sometime, and I have not seen either since. I told them that I felt similarly angry about the idea of snitches in the community but assured them I wasn't one. Things deescalated somewhat, but they didn't seem interested in having a real dialogue. I made an overture to Jason (who seemed more reasonable) via email the following day but never received a response.

6/22/10 While walking near my home and Cat's early in the morning, we were confronted by Dave Segal and Danielle White. Dave went into a rage and began pushing and screaming at us to "get off his block." He shouted that I am a "rapist snitch" and knocked Cat's things to the ground and she burst into tears. After pushing me a number of times within sight of a occupied police car, I mounted my bike and rode away, while Cat distraught and sobbing went to her house.

7/1/10 At approximately 3:30am my cargo-bike was set on fire while locked to the fence attached to my home. I happened to be awake and was able to extinguish the fire with a bucket of water before it could grow and potentially spread to the house full of sleeping people.

10/30/10 I spent the day at Bike Kill an all day DIY bike culture event organized by some of my friends and neighbors. When the event was nearly completed (within 20 minutes of the permit expiring) I was approached and later assaulted and threatened by Margie while wearing a balaclava, Dave Segal, Aburey Warden, (who months prior took a bat to another anarchist organizer who was accused of misdeeds) Amy Tamola, Christopher Walsh, Sascha, and "Spanky." Dave and Aubrey threatened me while Amy told me that it would be best if I leave and that things could be addressed at some other undetermined time and place. I reminded her that I had tried to communicate directly to her in the past and she stopped responding to messages. Both Margie who was masked and now holding a can of what appeared to be mace or pepper spray and Dave pushed me and Sascha spit at me. Dave told me to leave town. I was told by friends who were there defending me that Margie told them that they shouldn't support me because I had raped her. This is the first I've ever hear of her or anyone making this kind of claim against me. I have acted inconsiderately in intimate relationships, but I don't believe that I have ever violated someone's consent in an intimate, sexual context. Since Bike Kill was nearly over and in an effort to avoid furthering the conflict I left with a few friends. As we walked the one block back to Walworth St. we saw that the Free Store sign next to my home had been graffitied with the words "snitch" and "rapist." The sign was repainted but then was ripped down completely in the following month. Stephen and Sarah were present and also wrote some of their recollections.

2/19/11 Late in the afternoon a fire was set in the Free Store that burned a whole in the tent skin and destroyed free food, and items.

3/8/11 In the middle of the day another fire was set in the Free Store, damaging more of the tent, free items, and slightly weakening the the structure.

3/19/11 mid-day The Free Store and the neighboring collective house I lived at were burned to the ground. A housemate of Margie's was seen by myself and others watching the smoldering ruins.

4/7/11 I received an email signed by Milo telling me not to go to the NYC Anarchist Bookfair. The email implied that this was an official policy of the NYC Anarchist Bookfair. I later heard from collective members that they were not aware of any ban against me nor did they support one. Milo I learned was actually the person who I knew as Mimi or Ace who is part of a group called SupportNY, a group that has promoted the idea that I am a snitch and an abuser and published sensitive personal legal information about myself. I did attend some of the bookfair and even volunteered as I do each year.

10/2/11 Margie, Dave Segal, and Andrew Flowers are at Cedar and Broadway in the vicinity of the Liberty Sq. Occupy Wall St. encampment when I arrive around 7:00pm with the Grub Community Dinner for the camp. Dave and Andrew approach me and tell me to "get out of here," push me and grab onto my bicycle. They are there with a group of people including Leila Nations, Ashley Bayer, Amy Tamola, Elliott Liu and others who I do not know personally. They have two types of fliers one that says I am a "snitch" that details legal details about me, and another that claims I am an "abuser" of women. They hand out fliers through out the camp including at least in one instance to a uniformed police officer. The group was very confrontational and shouted at me and to others that I am a rapist and a snitch. Leila got close to me and told me in a low voice that she could tell that I was sexually excited and getting off on all of the attention, which was quite disturbing. A number of my friends new and old supported me, sometimes shouting back at the people harassing me until they left.

10/5/11 While alerting other marchers to the presence of two undercovers wearing black hoodies and trying to blend into an unpermitted demonstration someone that I had never previously met named Farah Kimchi approached me and elbowed me in the stomach, before calling me a snitch and quickly walking away. I turned after her and asked her if she is an undercover too and why she would have a problem with me exposing police within a march. She did not respond.

10/14/11 I saw both Dave Segal and Margie in the area of Liberty Sq. (Zuccotti Park) during an early morning march in which police were trying to push us out of the streets and arrests were being made. I was pushed by Dave Segal towards police.

11/17/11 After bike scouting for protest marches all morning in the area of Wall Street, I aided in the effort to remove barricades from Liberty Park. During that time both of my bike tires were slashed through. Fortunately my friends at Time's Up! helped me to replace them for free that day.

2/19/12 While at the Occupy For Prisoners demonstration in Harlem, I see Dave Segal and Andrew Flowers. Andrew tells Joe Lupo to tell me that he is going to stab me. This is according to Joe.

3/28/12 Again I received an email from Milo that implied I was officially banned from the NYC Anarchist Bookfair and asked me not to attend. This year I had more confirmation from actual organizers that this request of me was not legitimately being made with the consent of the collective organizing the event. Apparently I was not the only one to receive this sort of email.

4/13/12 I have helped with the NYC Anarchist Bookfair each year since it was founded in 2007. In past years I have helped with clean-up, promotion, bottom-lining social networking outreach, and organizing after party benefits. This year among other things, I helped with the official program. A few hours after dropping off programs at Judson Memorial Church and helping set up the In Our Hearts table, Margie arrived and approached me. She told me that I needed to leave and was not welcome. None of the organizers present agreed with her or her interpretation of the events Safer Spaces Policy. I was planning to leave shortly anyway to go to another Anarchist Bookfair event happening simultaneously at another location so I told the Bookfair Organizers and collective members present that if it made their lives easier I could leave a little earlier than planned. A number of the organizers later apologized to me and told me that they were not happy with what went down and that there would be further efforts on the part of the collective to address what happened. They also said that as soon as I left Margie left as well.

4/29/12 While tabling to promote the May Day General Strike protests and distributing anarchist literature in Occupy Union Sq. Jennifer “Kittie” Sobolowski approached the table from behind, picked up a stack of Justseeds Occupy Strike newspapers and hit me with them. She immediately turned and continued walking quickly. Nico Navarro, Margie's husband, followed right behind, took a stack of Ricardo Flores Magon pamphlets and threw them on the ground.

5/1/12 While talking with some other bike scouts under the arch in Washington Sq. Park just after a march Dave Segal and Danielle White approach. She yells "boo" and throws something at me that lands on the ground, he come close and tells me that I am lucky there are so many cops around because otherwise he would beat me up.

5/20/12 around 2am I was on my bike heading down Nostrand Ave when stopped at a red light on Myrtle and on my phone (with Cat) I was pushed from behind by Dave Segal who was accompanied by Danielle White at the time. He shouted "fuck you, you piece of shit, go call the police" and kicked and swung at me making contact twice. He picked up my bike and tried to throw it, and took an article of clothing and water bottle from my basket which he tried to kick into a sewer drain. He grabbed my backpack that was in my bike basket and tried to throw that, but I held onto it, preventing him from doing so. He told me to "go that way" Left on Myrtle and repeatedly told me not to continue down Nostrand. I got on my bike and continued down Nostrand.

5/22/12 While helping at a table for In Our Hearts at Occupy Union Sq. I was spit on by Vicky Daza who did so and then ran away and then by Dave Segal who then approached me at the side of the table and taunted me saying "what are you going to do about it?"