Cat Foley

Thadeaus and I have known each other since February 2009. I have grown to know his character more than most, and I consider him to be an incredibly patient person. As many people know, patience is a really valuable tool in relationships, and this is what I credit our good relationship to, along with communication and understanding. He is patient in his communicating, patient in his reasoning, and patient in his listening. I am unsure if this has always been the case, but I would attribute this to counseling, and perhaps the fact that he generally practices this skill and has become better at it over time. I have never ever felt not safe around him. I have learned the background behind every scenario presented on the internet that claims he is the perpetrator of abuse, and I have judged for myself the merits of his and others' actions. Anyone making accusations anonymously should not have their words given more weight than mine. I am a strong and smart woman, and believe in myself, and I am not afraid. - Cat Foley