Cat Foley

Thadeaus and I have known each other since February 2009.

I have grown to know his character more than most, and I consider him to be an incredibly patient person. As many people know, patience is a really valuable tool in relationships, and this is what I credit our good relationship to, along with communication and understanding. He is patient in his communicating, patient in his reasoning, and patient in his listening. I am unsure if this has always been the case, but I would attribute this to counseling, and perhaps the fact that he generally practices this skill and has become better at it over time.

I have never ever felt not safe around him. I have learned the background behind every scenario presented on the internet that claims he is the perpetrator of abuse, and I have judged for myself the merits of his and others' actions.

As to my obvious bias, nobody is perfect, but some of the things I have seen and witnessed over the past few years are very scary, and I wish to speak about them. Accusations of abuse by anonymous sources and violence cannot be condoned.

I, along with others, am attaching my name to support Thadeaus because we are not afraid to stand by our friend/partner. Threats made against him only reveal the true nature of the people who advocate the opposite of 'support.'

In June 2010, while walking down a street in Brooklyn, Thadeaus and I were confronted by one Dave “Solidarity” Segal and his girlfriend. Upon stopping to look at a some wood planks, I heard someone yell from behind, “Get the fuck off my block.” I turned around and Dave advanced toward Thadeaus and started screaming, “Get your abusive, snitch, rapist off my block!”

Now I don't know about you, but since when do people own blocks?

Dave started shoving Thadeaus, and threw my laundry on the ground. Thadeaus picked up his bike to defend himself and put a barrier between himself and Dave, but was knocked to the ground. I became very upset, as Thadeaus got up and backed up towards the street, with Dave continuously shoving and screaming at him. He didn't once push back, but only defended himself. I asked his girlfriend what and why his was doing this, and her only response was, “Don't worry, he's not going to kill him.” What? Okay.

A police car slowed down to see what was up and Dave stopped pushing. Still, I was really upset, and I felt really unsafe because of Dave, and rode in the opposite direction, while I yelled to Thadeaus to ride to his then home.

A few days later, in what I believe to be a related incident, a book set on fire was tossed into the cargo bike parked outside of 220 Walworth Street.

In my opinion, people are entitled to their opinions, but it's not fair to frame things out of context by people who are not witnesses. What I have written is what actually happened. I am not repeating rumors, I am writing about my personal experiences with Thadeaus, and what the violence I have witnessed against him looks like. Anyone making accusations anonymously should not have their words given more weight than mine.

I am a strong and smart woman, and believe in myself, and I am not afraid.

- Cat Foley