From an early age I've been interested in the the idea of living free, without rent. I first learned about homesteading when I was in 6th grade, having watched a National Geographic documentary about back to the land homesteaders in Alaska. From there I spent hours in libraries researching movements  both historic and contemporary. Years later I was able to connect with NYC squatter movement in spaces like ABC No Rio, Charas El Bohio, and Blackout Books. From there I met people interested in starting new liberated spaces like the following:

In December 2010 I did an Oral History Interview about squatting with Amy Starecheski. That interview is now archived at and available through the Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archive housed in the Elmer Holmes Bobst New York University (NYU) Library

In February 2011 excerpts of my Oral History Interview about squatting were featured in the presentation A New Order: Re-appropriations of Space and Life at the Museum of Arts and Design.

In February 2014 I was asked to share some of what I learned from years of squatting during an event hosted by MoRUS (The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space) at C-Squat.

Experts Lay Out A Comprehensive Primer To Squatting In NYC