In the year that I have known Thadeaus, I have found him to be forever respectful, considerate and caring. His generosity - seriously, just mention you need a toaster oven and three days later, he’ll have found one in a dumpster - knows no bounds. Although our beliefs diverge at many points, I greatly admire his complete and utter commitment to activist causes and the anarchist movement. This commitment isn’t limited solely to times of convenience or certain hours of the day, but rather is a way of life. By living by example, Thadeaus has encouraged me to reflect upon the discrepancies between my actions and my beliefs, and as result I try to move towards a less hypocritical way of life. His innate ability to bring people of different backgrounds and belief systems together and get them to engage in a dialogue about the things that matter is a great asset to those causes in which he believes.

- Shay L.