David Van Dam

This description and rumors of events that occurred at the John Bosch "collective" are false not entirely but key elements were excluded appearing more like a personal attack on Thadeaus rather than the actual truth. A roommate of Thadeaus' that was evicted was actually myself, David, I've been living at the house since May of 2009 and one of the rooms had my possessions in one of the rooms but because I left NYC for a few weeks several individuals broke into the back house residence and moved my possessions out of the room and soon following put on lock on the door.

Also another room was soon to subletted in early Jan. which was known at least few weeks prior. Those who moved in and were invited by Adam Sacks and possibly others obviously didn't care. I in fact was called by a person named Sasha who told me weeks prior to the incident that I didn't live at the house. He, however, has no authority over me but seems to think so other wise. I explained to him that I still live at John Bosch and I was living in one of the rooms. He continued to verbally assault me over the phone and the argument seemed to fizzle into him screaming in me ear apparently trying to intimidate me.

I lived in that house for months and was evicted without consent by someone who broke the lock to gain entry. I am pretty sure that is breaking into someone's home, when I returned to find this out. Thadeaus, myself, and another moved out the possessions of those individuals who broke in. one returned with a friend and started striking Thadeaus and the other individual. They broke the camera that Thadeaus was holding and other party both picked up hard objects on the ground and began to strike.

Thadeaus and two individuals remained peaceful not striking back.

Both parties called the police. The police apprehended the only party that wasn't bleeding and bruised from say uuuuummm... a metal handle bar for example. Thadeaus remained peaceful.

People from the front part of the John Bosch "collective" love to spin what they want with anarchistic rhetoric but really is just bully tactics. What was once a anarchist collective is clique of friends taking up and claiming more rooms for their little clique.

Obviously, police are not part of anarchistic ideals but bully tactics and exclusion of rights of a particular individual isn't either. Before making false claims educate yourself on this issue as with any issue and not be reactionary.

-David Van Dam