Jessica B.

I've known Thadeaus for four years. In that time, I've known him to be single-minded in his commitment to his activism. He works to live his ideals more than anyone I know. I have only known him to be thoughtful, motivated, loyal, and even-tempered.

It saddens me to read the anonymous accusations published against him. There is little one can do when a party makes claims of behalf of nameless victims of unknown numbers. The specifics of the accusations, as I have read about them and heard about them, don't warrant the hyperbolic language used to escalate the claims and portray Thadeaus as some sort of monster. That portrayal could not be more at odds with the man I know.

I feel totally safe with Thadeaus, and would feel comfortable introducing him to any person, man or woman, that I know, and I would trust him to treat them with the honesty and respect he has always shown me.

- Jessica B.