Dimitri Akrivos

Hi Thadeaus,

It's good to hear from you. I'd be happy to describe your attendance and efforts during counseling with me.

I saw you weekly for counseling for about a year and a half (if i recall correctly we ended our sessions in early Fall 2010). your attendance was consistent and it showed dedication to make it to my office, which at the time was in the Upper West Side. we did extensive work during those sessions. at times it was challenging, but you showed genuine interest to be open about and look critically at the issues you were facing. overall you seemed motivated to learn about yourself, as well as resolve the problems you were facing. I'd like to think that during that time we made some progress, especially in helping you define more clearly how you were feeling and what you could do to improve in the areas we focused (personal relationships, communication and self insight).

I've not spoken to you since our last session, but i hope you're doing well overall. please feel free to share this summary of our counseling work as you'd like, preferably in the same email chain for context.

take good care,

Dimitri Akrivos