Sam & Mirella

This testimonial contribution is from my friends Sam & Mirella. They are anarchists and artists. I first met them in the summer of 2003 when they stayed at the Kung-Fu Castle squat where I lived. Since then we have shared a roof a couple of times for about a month at a time and worked together on projects like Grub: Community Dinners, the Brooklyn Free Store, and briefly the 123 Community Space. English is not their first language, but I decided not to edit (and thus not censor) their contribution. -Thadeaus

To do it yourself in a world full of commodities.

How to get things done and undone!

The rise of the posers and other over-socialized people...

Volunteer college kids on the dumpsters, trying to get a grade or go green, won't understand the true meaning of our actions. Neither non-anarchists doing it because it is hip. When squats are turned into institutions and activists into professionals, it is time to correct (yourself) instead of condemn (the others).

As anarchists and freaks we don't have the luxury of many friends, but Thadeaus is a person we like to trust. This things are always a matter of opinion or vantage point. Some will see Thadeaus half full while others will see him half empty, thats all. How about you, are you full or empty. We believe in harmony. No need to worship god or satan thru a society that strives for the continuous fighting among the so called opposites.

Thadeaus generally promotes himself as an anarchist, a squatter, a dumpster-diver that doesn’t spend any money, doesn’t work, and doesn’t “care about his bad reputation.” On social networking and dating sites, he may simply portray himself as a DJ (Suggested D.), or a taller man with a beard who is into sex (strictly non-monogamy), music, and riding a bike. He is known to use internet dating sites including craigslist and okcupid to meet people who may not otherwise have access to this information.”

Ok, that's what he said and states, and that's what we experienced while living several months, in different times of our lifes, with Thadeaus, be it in a squat or as roommates. He never bother us in any way. But if it wasn't for him, life in NYC would have been really lame. Thanks to Thadeaus we had a great time while supporting positive things and activities. And that's the idea, to make a world a better place for everyone. It is not about doing activism or being an activist, it is about sharing, living and being free! Trully inspirational! Strange behavior we all have, but we saw more strange attitudes among the so called victims, friends and other political groups, than in him or his projects. But we don't want to waste time with that, making pages full of half truths as facts, gossips and "official information" totally out of context to add some kind of credibility or veracity to what is clear difamation, a vicious attack or personal vendetta that went out of hand. We are here to learn from each other, to forgive and understand in order to be happy and enjoy ourselves.

By the way, I was born with something between my legs. Yes, I have genitalia, just for pleasure, in order to have fun and sex. Yes, I was born a pervert. Now I know why we are all sinners, according to bigots. Should I pray, be politically correct or just masturbate. We''ll love madly! We believe there is no such thing as intimate relationships. The political is personal, but what is personal is not political. Sorry folks, but get a life.

If you have questions, don't go to church or school for answers, find out for yourself about all sides of the story. Nothing like a first hand experience to grasp the changing truth.

It's a shame that one person seems to be the only one running anarchy and living the idea of real change. And of course, that will disrupt all the greedy fakers, usefool tools of revolution (the more things change, the more they stay the same), church and state. But what is worst is the waste of energy used to put one person down and not even have the sensibility to save his good deeds, jeopardizing or criminalizing a whole movement for nothing. It would be easier to smash the state but, appart from accusing people or putting friends against, what do they do in their daily life, we would really like to know. Does anyone knows? We would like to make a contribution to their non-profit spectacle!

Anyway, more than an aggressor we see people acting as a mob, really extreme on their non-actions (filling complaints) and PLAYING THE VICTIM out of boredom or some chemical imbalance in their brains, some kind of snobbish kids being obedient, doing stuff because it is politically cool, correct or, the right thing to do after school and paying the rent, without any opinion nor conviction. Not because they dig it, understand, enjoy, have empathy or, out of real need or necessity.

As already said, we are here to trascend, change and grow, not to hate and judge. I mean, we are not talking here about some kind of Promethadeaus, are we? So please, be fair and stop feeding your egos with his liver! Fight power, not people. Those pages online contribute nothing to our freedom nor end abuse in our communities. Maybe they only serves as scapegoating, a distraction for not dealing with the real problems that have to be addressed or directed, and not thru one person, but in general, towards and among everyone. We need to cultivate our human relationships, to make love not war! To acknowledge innocense and learn from everything we say, not to use it against us. Why? In order to find a real solution, not a patch that won't stop the cycle of ignorance and lies. The solution for abuse is not to ban a person out of blind faith, following some kind of authority by means of a protocol or hierarchy, without even knowing the real facts or the truth. Just as crime won't end by putting some people in jail to rot and use them for your own profit or as slaves, neither this. Communication is the key. Anyway, guilty or innocent, how many times a person can be punished for a crime? And I'm not saying that he did what no one mentions and everyone is afraid to tell, because we really think he did nothing at all. What we are saying here is, that even if he did something that nobody knows what it was... he will have all our support because we are not some god haters or god fearing assholes framing people up! We like to destroy patriarchy and fuck feminism! If you give us pleasure, We don't care if you are a cop, a nun or a self-righteous activist! So, deal with it!

What Can You Do

Don't let anyone tell you what to do. Think for yourself!

Be stupid enough to classify this as offensive or politically incorrect.

We urge you to have an orgy! because like the saying goes, ‘you can’t be neutral among moving bodies, especially when headed towards an orgasm.’ Help send a clear message: envy and monogamy will not be tolerated in our communities. People who show clear and persistent patterns of sexual arousal are welcome. Below are some suggestions on how you can fall in love and relate with each other....

Do not put pamphlets about how much you fear or hate other people, just put in practice your life and share it!

End associations with organizations or groups that only make money out of survivors.

Be aware, because as the whole nation has experienced, security culture is nothing more than a beautiful word to practice real abusive behaviour, peer pressure and the like.

Anti-oppression is the worst of all oppressions. Put cameras all over the place, but not to snitch on each other, but to make sure we get all the action and masturbate later with it!

To go with the flow and end up in the rocks is as useless as going against the flow. Use the river to take you to better lands...

We don't see how lying to the authorities has something to do with snitching!

Can someone be banned from its own creations? As long as private property exists, it will really, really turn things useless!

Ban money, not Thadeaus!

It seems some are used to divide and conquer and get rid of an innocent fly on their nose with a hammer. Will they ever accept diversity?

Remember, how can you validate what happened if you don't know what happened? That's the fascist thing to do. If some anonymous people are putting in danger or threatening the life of a human being, along with all the other non related human beings around him. I really think that the so called victims need to tell what happened in full detail and coherence, not gossip and lies. It is not up to them to decide who to tell, when there is a web online encou-raging everybody to destroy Thadeaus as part of the abusive behavior of our civilization. So, can we call the police now and file a report on that? You know, difamation and all the bla, bla bla. Can we hold accountable those well intentioned anonymous people if something bad happens to Thadeaus or any bystander, friend or foe, because of those pages full of hate and authoritarian bullshit disguised as goodwill activism and solidariity?

Worst things happens everyday, but these heroes seems to be afraid of their own shadows.

For real accountability you can go to:

Yes, he's real, unlike the ones framing him, he will respond to your letters!


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