S. Afzal

I make an effort to surround myself with only the most extraordinary people. Thadeaus and I have been friends since about 2012. He is easily the most patient and compassionate person to be around. His skills as a good friend is the most relevant thing that comes to mind.

However as an organizer, he is a professional. Between press, weekly community events, daily collections, and constant delegations- he does everything he can to prioritize what is most needed most effectively.

I've known Thadeaus to live as the most radical individual. As a freegan and an anarchist that didn't turn me off from my traditional ways, he opened my eyes to nonconventional harmonious living. He doesn't preach; he lives in complete accordance to his values.

I'm positive that Thadeaus will leave a lasting positive legacy far beyond the scope of negative rumors. I see no interest in addressing them beyond that I am a female survivor. I'm happy to be a point of contact for those interested in him in a personal capacity. 

-S. Afzal 
January 2021