Jennifer Harris-Hernandez

Thadeaus is one of my oldest and best friends. We met in the late 1990‘s when we both did Food Not Bombs at ABC No Rio. I had already be volunteering for a year when Thadeaus arrived but he really transformed our operation into a welcoming, fun project.

In the years since I have seen Thadeaus devotedly start important and fun projects in New York City. He’s really become a fixture! I think one reason Thadeaus is so helpful and successful is that he is really funny, friendly and welcoming. I remember how intimidated I was by anarchists even years into working with them in California, Canada and New York but Thadeaus was always funny and caring.

He’s also always been there for me as a friend, letting me stay in two squats he started, bringing me food often, keeping me company in a miserable architecture school and at home when I was so injured in a bike accident that I couldn’t talk. He even a DJed at my wedding! Actually he’s a great DJ if you ever need one.

Because I’ve been friends with Thadeaus for so long, my friends and family also have gotten to know him too. His many exploits sometimes provide friendly fodder but mostly we just appreciate him for being an authentic, down-to-earth man doing a bunch of great things.

- Jennifer Harris-Hernandez